How to Prepare Before Visiting a Nail Salon

How to Prepare Before Visiting a Nail Salon

Getting cosmetic attention is one of the most loved activities by women and even men only second to food. After all, who doesn’t like a good session full of pampering and satisfaction?

But considering nail treatments vary in different salons, whether you are a veteran or a newbie, here’s a list illustrating how to prepare before visiting a nail salon.


1. Do not Trim Your Nails

Do you recall how you put on makeup before a facial, trim your hair before a laser treatment or trim and buff your nails before a mani-pedi? That needs to stop.

Before visiting a nail salon do not attempt to change the shape or the length of your nails. Leave that to the manicurists and they will have the best canvas to work on for the best results.

You wouldn’t take medicine before visiting a doctor right? The same applies to this situation.

2. Do not Shave Your Legs

Shaving your legs before a nail salon visit puts you at risk of getting infections

The urge to shave your legs before visiting a nail salon is as strong as the case of trimming nails. But here’s the issue, whenever you shave your legs, a razor could leave tiny nicks on your skin which are vulnerable to infections.

In case you notice lacerations, cuts or scrapes before your appointment, reschedule and allow the cuts some time to heal. We’ll be here to serve you once they do.

3. Do not Cut the Cuticles

Are you seeing the pattern here? When it comes to cuticles it is not just unwise to fiddle with them before visiting a nail salon but you could end up hurting yourself.

You are one in a million if you have yet to experience the pain that comes with nipping off the protruding cuticle or hangnail only to end up with a wound. Its usually very unnoticeable to the eye but you won’t miss the pain!

Incase your cuticles look rough and you don’t have time to visit the nail salon, soak the nails in warm water for a few minutes this will soften the cuticles making it easier for you to push them back.

To avoid the raggedy dry cuticles we advise you to use our cuticle treat everyday to keep your nails strong and cuticles moisturized.

4. Do Your Research

Safety is paramount above the location and pricing. Take a minute to assess whether the salon you will be visiting adheres to hygiene, safety and precautionary measures.

In such inevitable times where adherence to precautionary/sanitary measures is critical towards the prevention of Covid 19, it is wise to receive your treatment from a salon that is as cautious as it is confident in their delivery.

Get to know if the quality of products used is high  as low quality products can ruin your nails. Also get to know  if the employees are well skilled. You can always check reviews on Google.

5. Carry Open Sandals

Imagine forgetting to carry a pair of open sandals and choosing to get a pedicure with regular nail polish? This would definitely force you to wait a while for your toes to dry up. So don’t be that person.

6. Wear Comfortable Skirt/Trousers

This will make access to your legs easy thus helping you enjoy the pedicure treatment fully. At Luxe Nails Parlour we offer clean wrap arounds in case you forget.


Now that you know how to prep so that your nail salon can be successful, feel free to book an appointment with us via Instagram DM, a call or on Whatsapp.




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