How to Book an Appointment at Luxe Nails Parlour

How to Book an Appointment at Luxe Nails Parlour

Nail salons, nail bars, or nail parlours are one of the most common business establishments that people frequent, whenever they need professional nail services done.

Hence it is not surprising to find an array of these establishments within Nairobi and especially around the Nairobi area. 

But even with a shared similarity, being that all nail salons get your nails done, the common difference is that no nail salon operates the same as the next. 

Especially when it comes to service delivery. And to get the best from your nail salon of choice, it is essential to know whether they take walk-ins, just work with appointments, or both.

So, how does Luxe Nails Parlour work?

Here at Luxe Nails Parlour, we prefer to work with appointments even though we take walk-ins whenever possible.

For this reason, we advise clients to make an appointment so we don’t disappoint them with long waiting hours.

We understand that booking a nail appointment can be a bit overwhelming especially if it’s your first time visiting us but we endeavor to make your journey as easy as possible.

What you need to know before booking an appointment at Luxe Nails Parlour

  • Name of the nail treatments 

Each day ushers in a new nail trend or a better way of doing things.

 Therefore as a client, it’s good to have basic information about the service you would like to receive so that you can make a correct appointment and receive the right technician for the particular service as each of our technicians has a specialty.

However sometimes you are familiar with the names, but you don’t know the exact service to ask for. If this is so, please don’t be afraid to ask, we will gladly assist! 

Share the picture or describe it as you book an appointment and you will be advised accordingly. 

To help us give you the best LNP experience kindly check the services we offer and how we refer to them here

This helps you avoid booking the wrong service. 

  • Prices

The pricing of services offered in nail salons differs and in some instances, you might be trying out something new. Make a stop here to check for details on prices and the services offered at Luxe Nails Parlour.

  • Our covid-19 protocols

When it comes to relaxing, Luxe Nails Parlour remains serene and quiet regardless of the changing times. Call us the Covid-ready salon in Nairobi! 

From unmatched hygiene standards to strict Covid -19 protocols. You will find the whole team ready for you. Kindly carry a mask or wear one when showing up for your appointment. 

Kindly note that all clients have to be sanitized before the service.

  • Book on time

We advise our clients to book an appointment at least a day or two prior to avoid disappointments.

 But in case you forget to,  don’t panic,  just call us when you remember. We will definitely let you know if we have an available slot. 

  • Our cancellation policy

Kindly inform us of any cancellations at least 6 hours prior to individual appointments, and 48 hours prior to group bookings.

Ways to book an appointment at Luxe Nails Parlour

Do you prefer making an appointment via social media, text, WhatsApp messenger, phone call, or by visiting us? 

Whichever method you prefer, at Luxe Nails Parlour all the above options are possible ways to book an appointment. 

Nonetheless, here are the prompts to guide you, once you have identified the method you would like to use.

1. Booking via WhatsApp

You can WhatsApp us directly here or save our business number +2547 11 18 73 67 on your phone then send us a message via WhatsApp. 

Alternatively, you can click on the WhatsApp button popping up on the website page. It will direct you to WhatsApp and you can proceed to schedule an appointment.

When you book an appointment, ensure you have provided the following details:

  • Name
  • Preferred service. (If you are not sure of the service name you can always seek clarification and we will gladly help)
  • Preferred date and time
  • Preferred nail technician. In case you know one.
  • Your contact details 
  • A photo-inspo of the nails you would like done. You can send it to us. That’ll make us really happy!

2. Call us directly

Another way to book an appointment is by making a call using the business number at +254 711 187 367.  On the call, let us know your name, the time, the day, and the type of nail service you would like to get done. 

Here’s an example; 

Hello, my name is Lisa. Do you have an opening on Monday the 5th at 10 AM? I would like to get Acrylic Tip extensions and Classic Pedicure done. 

If sending a text message, use the same format.      

3. Via social media pages

Bookings can be made via social media, especially if this is your first encounter with Luxe Nails Parlour. This can be done via; 

Instagram page  

Facebook page

Website – here you can look at the different nail treatments we offer and how the designs look. You will also find descriptions of the different services and the pricing for each. 

Once you are familiar with what we do and have confirmed the service you would like to receive, click on the button “Book an Appointment.” and proceed accordingly.

4. Coming to our Parlour 

Some people, mostly brides, prefer making a physical visit when booking an appointment. This is because all the questions get answered and they can confirm the color swatches of choice. 

If this option suits your needs we shall receive you gladly.

5. Pre-booking after your appointment 

You have booked your first appointment, had your services done and you are happy. We advise you to pre-book your next appointment from our front desk because;

  • It gives you the freedom to choose the date and time you want to work with.
  • You are able to choose what works with your schedule.
  • You are able to work with your preferred technician.
  • It helps keep your nails maintained.

Running late for an appointment at Luxe Nails Parlour?

Once your appointment is confirmed, it is good practice to arrive 10 minutes early although showing up on time is very celebrated.

It is fairly common for an emergency to come up. Sometimes it may fall on the day of your nail appointment. Hence, it’s always good to communicate.

 If you are running late, notify us via a call on 0711 18 73 67 of the situation and we will advise you accordingly.

 Check out how to prepare for a nail visit

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