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9 Common Nail Care Mistakes to Avoid

9 Common Nail Care Mistakes to Avoid

We can all agree that we all love clean and well-looking nails that scream ‘gorgeous’. That’s why we probably religiously book an appointment at a nail salon frequently.

However, in between appointments or even during those appointments, there might be some nail care mistakes that we may indulge in consciously or unconsciously that damage our nails.

To help you keep your nails in check, and also help you avoid making those nail care mistakes, we’ve compiled a list of nail care mistakes to avoid below.



1. Using Your Nails as Tools

As normal and irresistible as it may be, your nails should not be used as tools. By tools, we mean using them to open tight can lids or using them to slide your feet into your shoes. 

These activities weaken your nails and may even cause them to break exposing you to a huge amount of pain. 

Instead of using your nails, use the right tools that are supposed to be used for the task. For example, a can opener to open those cans or a shoe schlip to slide your feet into the shoes. 

We created the shoe schlip to ensure that you can still put on your shoes with zero hassle and still keep your manicured nails intact. 


2. Trying to Remove Your Nails on Your Own

We’ve all been there, your gel nails get a bit chipped and you get tempted to peel it and get over and done with it.

Or your overlays lift and you decide to just totally remove the extension from your nail. 

Doing all that may be satisfying, but with it comes weak nails. This happens when you peel off the polish or remove the nail extension, it takes along with it a layer of your nail and makes them weaker than before. 

To avoid making that nail mistake, get a professional nail technician to assist you each time your nail lifts or the polish chips.


3. Failing to schedule maintenance appointments

Maintenance appointments are nail salon visits that involve getting repairs done on your manicure set to keep them looking their best. They involve fixing a chipping nail polish or an infill/refill  infill/refill done on overlays or acrylics. 

Maintenance appointments are important as the practice prevents nail care mistake number two from happening. 

Additionally, with overlays and acrylics, failing to refill may cause the nail to lift. When water and bacteria get into the lifted area, it may cause you to get a nail infection or a greenie


4. Using a harsh nail application process 

Doing your nails at home or having the wrong person do your nails is a common nail mistake you need to avoid. 

Doing your nails at home has its pros and cons. You get to save time and money but at the same time, so many things could go wrong. You may use the wrong nail products or skip important steps in the process as you don’t have the skills required to do your nails.

Similarly, choosing a nail salon that provides the best services in Nairobi, is an overwhelming task. You might think you have chosen the best, but your close-to-perfect nails get ruined.

That’s why we highly recommend that you visit us at Luxe Nails Parlour for the best nail care services that’ll leave your nails screaming ‘gorgeous’! Book an appointment with us today! 


5. Absence of a Nail Care Routine

Just as you have a skincare routine to keep your skin glowing, you also need a nail care routine to keep your nails flourishing. 

A nail care routine often involves moisturizing your hands with a hydrating hand cream and oiling your cuticles with cuticle oil.

A hand cream moisturizes your hands, leaving them feeling supple and smooth. Including a hand cream in your daily nail care routine is as simple as:

  • Applying the cream in the morning as part of your beauty routine. 
  • Apply the cream each time you feel that your hands are dry.
  • Moisturizing your hands after handwashing.
  • For more intense hydration, we’d advise that you apply the moisturizer at night and then wear nitrile gloves, at least once a week. 
  • As for the application process, dab a small amount of moisturizer on your arms. Proceed to massage the hand moisturizer in circular motions, not forgetting the area around your nails.

Cuticle oil, on the other hand, works to rejuvenate your nails by providing your nail cuticles with much-needed moisture and nourishment. Here’s how to incorporate cuticle oil into your nail care routine:

  • While there are no strict rules on when to apply cuticle oil, it is advisable that you do apply it as part of your morning and evening beauty routine. 
  • Apply the cuticle oil throughout the day as often as possible, especially after washing your hands. 
  • With the Luxe Cuticle Treat range, roll it around the cuticles, on and under the nails. Take a few seconds to massage the oil in for it to be well absorbed. 


6. Wearing Tight Shoes

Nail care mistakes are not limited to your fingernails, they also cover your toenails. In regards to that, one nail care mistake to avoid is wearing tight shoes.

A tight shoe presses against your toenails, causing them to press against each other. Atahis may lead to the edges of your toenails growing into your skin causing ingrown nails. Ingrown toenails cause the skin around your toe to become infected and painful.


7. Biting Your Nails

Biting, as we covered extensively in another post, is an oral parafunctional activity, that could start as an occasional habit that tends to progress to a lifelong habit of self-mutilation that can be difficult to quit.

Nail biters are often prone to getting nail infections that are characterized by swelling, redness, and inflammation. Finding it hard to break the nail-biting habit? Check out these helpful tips


8. Doing Chores Unprotected

Day-to-day chores such as washing dishes and doing the laundry affect your nails’ health. The detergents used to undertake these chores contain harmful, harsh, chemical ingredients that weaken your nails.

Failing to put on a pair of gloves while doing house chores, exposes your nails to these ingredients. Additionally, coming into contact with water does dry out your hands and cause split fingernails. 


9. Filing your nails the wrong way

We file our nails for all sorts of reasons. From achieving that perfect almond shape or trying to get rid of that nasty saw-like appearance that gets tangled with every fabric it comes across.

As with everything else in nail care, there is a right and wrong way of filing one’s nails. Nails are supposed to be filed in one direction, starting from one of the ends and carefully filing towards the other end. 

The wrong way of doing this is filing back and forth, which makes your nails susceptible to peeling and breakage.


Nail care is a delicate yet vital aspect of keeping your nails healthy and strong. With the above tips, you’ll be able to ace the practice without needing to be a professional.

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