How to Take Care of Your Nails after a Salon Visit

How to Take Care of Your Nails after a Salon Visit

Isn’t it lovely to go to a nail salon with nails that make you feel like you do ground scratching involuntarily then walk out looking like you play violin for a living?

A visit to the nail salon is always a refreshing journey. But the question that sticks is, “How do I keep my nails looking so beautiful? How do I keep my hands looking so smooth? How do I take care of my nails?”

Well, look no further. Here’s how to ensure the nail service you get from the salon lasts and that your aftercare remains effective.

1. Avoid long hours of water exposure

Right after you get a manicure, long periods of intense water exposure could affect the longevity of your manicure. To avoid such wear gloves whenever you have to be exposed to water for long periods and while doing chores.

2. Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized

Have you ever noticed your manicurist apply cuticle oil on you after the service? Well, this helps moisturize and soothe the cuticles and the area around after the service. Borrow a leaf from your manicurist and incorporate this habit as an aftercare routine.

Keeping your cuticles moisturized will make them soft and encourage healthy nail growth. At Luxe Nails Parlour we also advise that you get our cuticle oil as it takes care of moisturizing and repairing cuticles and ensures the manicure stays in the best condition.

To moisturize your hands you can use a good hand moisturizer to take care of dryness.Use a few drops at least once a day. Massaged into the cuticles, the oil ensures your nails don’t become dry and brittle and that your manicure stays in the best condition.

3. Inspect your nails regularly

Nail lifting is a random occurrence and it’s basically the lifting of the nail product. This can happen when you hit surfaces or if the product was laid improperly. When nail lifting occurs, water seeps through, and in most cases, this moisture that is trapped between the nails causes a green spot on the nail bed, also referred to as a greenie. If not sorted out on time it could lead to infection.

In case you realize your nails are lifting, visit a nail salon to have it fixed.

4. Remove the nail polish/Nail extensions properly.

Ensuring that your nails are removed the right way helps keep your nails bed healthy

If you’re taking off gel polish yourself, ensure that you take precautionary measures so you do not damage your nails. Avoid peeling off the gel polish or yanking off nail extensions. Always remove gel nail polish or nail extensions by soaking them off the right way instead of ripping them off. This helps ensure your nail plate remains healthy.

Taking care of your nails after a visit to the salon can seem like a job reserved for the experts, and many attest it is. But the secret to keeping your hands soft, nails healthy, and manicure on point, is by incorporating these few steps in your daily routine. Do this and you will be the one wondering why you didn’t know this sooner. 


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