Gifts for Ladies: What To Treat A Lady To Other Than Flowers


[lwptoc title=”But why is a treat at Luxe Nails Parlour, the best place to treat your loved one though?”]

Gifts for ladies in Nairobi

We all have special people in this life that we often want to treat to some good things in life. The big question must be “what to treat a lady to other than flowers?” May it be on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, special days on the calendar or just because. Whatever we choose to gift them should be something memorable.

Mother’s day is fast approaching and something that may puzzle you is how to treat your special lady on this glorious holiday. Especially if you are a gentleman. 

Perhaps now is when you lie sleepless, staring at a blank ceiling wondering what good a gift could relay the amount of love and appreciation you feel for that special lady. Or what surprise could actually make her genuinely happy without the underhanded comments like “Thank you son, but I wish you could have just given me the money instead.”

And when you think about clothes, a part of you says no because she has too much of them and you don’t want to risk getting her the wrong size and end up coming off as unaffectionate and inconsiderate. 

A make-up kit is one way to surprise her but you may not have the knowledge about what shade, undertone or number is best suited for her. Or, what items achieve a dewy look and what attain a matte look…you know!

And that is where “the one simple thing you can do to pamper that lady on a special day comes in.” The Luxe Nails Parlour experience! using a Luxe Nails Parlour gift voucher.

But why is a treat at Luxe Nails Parlour, the best place to treat your loved one though? 

  • Every lady could use some pampering and a nail makeover is one way to go about it. Besides never will you come across a lady or a gentleman for that matter,  complaining that their nails were too flawless, it caused them distress. In fact, taking care of your nails, whether you are a lady or a man, just communicates that you value your personal hygiene and that your personal grooming is of the utmost essence. But above the activity, you also want to find a place that can guarantee you services and an experience above what you can do at home with a clipper, a nail file, a buffer, and some nail polish. What you’re looking to find is a place that can customise the services according to what your lady wants and even go beyond by suggesting what guarantees beautiful results. 

         Luxe Nail Parlour is that place for you. We are a hub of finesse and when it comes to nails we do it as life depended on that mani-pedi.  

  • A walk-in into our parlour gives you an out of this city experience. The serendipity and organized space free of salon gossip will definitely leave you relaxed.
  • Strict Covid-19 preventive measures, hence you can be sure that anyone you send at Luxe Nails Parlour will be in good hands.
  • A high level of hygiene and sanitation. We make sure that anyone who enters at Luxe Nails Parlour does not only enjoy the services they’ve come for but also a relaxed environment that is detoxified, clean, free of germs, and one that is constantly sanitized. 
  • We also take pride in our art of nail pampering, manicure, pedicure and the creativity that our young team of passionate individuals implement on a constant basis. 

Both gents and ladies are welcomed to Luxe Nail Parlour. Nonetheless, we advise especially if you’re considering gifting someone with a Luxe experience, that you book an appointment a day or two prior to avoid inconveniences.


Now to the most basic part, prices. Our services at Luxe Nail Parlour are offered at a range of prices. Manicures and pedicures vary with prices depending on the service requested, every service is uniquely priced according to its features. What we guarantee is value for money.

But what do you know, this mother’s day season you can treat that lady to our amazing services by leveraging the available vouchers

Reasons to consider Luxe Nails Parlour Gift Vouchers

  •  Luxe nail parlour gift vouchers can be used any time of the year, which means they are a gift undefined and unlimited by season. 
  • The vouchers make a great gift for a bride to be, mum to be, the birthday girl or just an appreciation gift. 
  • They make a great corporate gift especially for that business gentleman or lady who values panache and class at any place they pick for their services. 
  • The Luxe Nail parlour makes the perfect gift for any lady in your life including, mothers, sisters, a girlfriend, a fiancee or even best friends. 
  • Our vouchers are open amount vouchers, meaning the person being gifted can redeem it with a service of their choice that amounts to the Luxe gift voucher amount

How to get Luxe Nails Parlour gift vouchers

  •  Can be obtained over the phone. In case you opt to get one over the phone, use our office number which is +254 711 187 367. We also organise surprises for loved ones too!
  • Through a visit to our nail parlour on Bihi Towers 10th Floor.
  • You can get it delivered to you too.


The only question that should be boggling your mind right now is whether to get the voucher now or tomorrow before stocks last. 


I have been yours truly, 

LNP Teacher.


Happy shopping.


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