Do I have to book an appointment?
Walk-ins are welcome, but kindly note that we accommodate them by availability.
We encourage bookings at least a day prior so that we don’t disappoint in case there are long queues.
Call/Text /WhatsApp 0711187367 to book your appointments
Ps. Kindly note that we take bookings very seriously. If you run late by more than 15 minutes you will have to book another appointment or wait for the next available technician if there is any on that day.

I wasn’t satisfied with my Service, what should I do?
We are extremely sorry we didn’t provide the level of service you should always expect at LNP. Our customer satisfaction track record is one of the things we pride in and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But on the rare occasion, something goes wrong we want to hear about it so we can make things right. Kindly let our front desk know what didn’t go right for you or Call/Text/Whatsapp 0780187367.

I am confused and don’t know what to do on my nails
Being confused is good☺ that’s why we are here. We just don’t jump into working on the nails we examine the nails first then advise on the most appropriate service. The consultation fee is on our tab☺

My nails are damaged what do I do?
We treat damaged nails but the best thing would be us seeing the nails first, that way we would be in a better position to advise.
Please note that we don’t work on infected nails, for that we advise you to see a doctor.

After how long should I come for infills?
This depends on how fast one’s nails grow but generally 2-3 weeks

What are Overlays?

Overlays are a protective layer -could be Gel nail, Acrylic , Acrygel or any other desired nail system applied directly on the natural nails to prevent breakage. Overlays can also be applied to toenails.

What’s the difference between Acrylic Nails, Gel Nails and Stickons?
For Acrylic Nails, an artificial nail tip is fixed and then a layer of acrylic liquid and powder is applied on top. For Gel Nails, an artificial nail tip is fixed and then a layer of hard gel (the thick liquid) is applied then cured under UV light. For stickons, instead of fixing the artificial nail tip halfway the nail plate, it’s glued up to the cuticle line. Stickons can’t be refilled as Acrylic and Gel nails.

What mode of payment do you accept?
Cash, Mpesa and all Cards

Where can I air my complaints and compliments?
We do value your feedback. Just tell us what you liked or didn’t like about us. The positive will keep us motivated and the Negative will help us work on our flaws so we can give you the very best next time.
Drop your feedback on our websites feedback tab here or call/Text/WhatsApp 0711187367

Do you take Male clients?
YES we do! We offer great gents Manicures and Pedicures.

I am a nail bitter how do I grow my nails?
We have a remedy for nail biters, just visit us.

What are your prices?
Our prices can be found on our Prices page

Where are you located?
We are located on the 10th Floor of Bihi Towers, Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

I tried reaching you via Instagram DM, but didn’t get a response. Help?
We are sorry for the delayed response. But next time, for faster response, kindly reach us via call or WhatsApp us on 0711187367.

Open chat
Hello there,
Thank you for choosing LuxeNailsParlour.
You can make your enquiry via Whatsapp or CALL our customer support team via 0711 187 367